The Franklin Method® was founded in 1994 by Eric Franklin, a Swiss dancer, movement educator, and author. The specific goals of the Franklin Method® are dynamic body alignment, movement efficiency, flexibility and balance to keep the body youthful and energized. It combines dynamic imagery, anatomical embodiment, touch, and educational skills and tools, like balls and resistance bands, to create lasting positive change in one’s body and mind.

To achieve these goals, the Franklin Method® emphasizes the use of imagery which works directly with the nervous system. Imagery has been scientifically proven to be the fastest route to change the way we use our body.  It also teaches practical elements of body design, emphasizing imagery that corresponds to how the body is designed for maximum efficiency. All movements are possible exercises and are analyzed to see how they fit in with the design and biomechanics of the body. By learning how the body is designed and using imagery to reflect that design along with physical practice, or “embodiment”, the body experiences improved function and movement potential with efficiency and ease.