I’ve been a client of Pam for almost 10 years now. I have so much to thank her for. She has very carefully and gradually helped me build a remarkable core. After having children I was in a lot of pain and fear to move. Trusting Pam’s incredible expertise I learned how to move freely again. She still has new exercises for me after 10 years, constantly educating herself in the true Pilates techniques. She is warm and compassionate with her own experience to help. I feel comfortable in recommending Pam to anyone with an interest to build core strength and confidence in movement.
— Ewa, Tiburon
Pam is a remarkable teacher on so many levels. She is deeply knowledgeable not only about pilates, but also about the details of human physiology and mechanics. I am someone who really likes to understand the how and why, and she can provide that in spades if you desire! I have learned so much about my body and movement from her, it has truly been transformative. And she does all that with warmth, humor, flexibility, passion. She is a gifted practitioner and a delightful human being. On a 5-star rating scale, she is a 6!!!
— Victoria, Mill Valley
I have been training with Pam twice a week for approximately 8 years. I have always been very active, but she has provided me with a much greater understanding of functional movement. In my late 60’s I feel that I’m in better shape than I was in my 40’s thanks to her expansive knowledge of the workings of the body. It’s like having a Pilates trainer and PT all wrapped in one. Pam is dedicated to continuing her professional development at every given opportunity. I can’t imagine that there’s a trainer more attentive and capable than Pam anywhere.
— Barbara, Belvedere
I awoke one morning a few years ago with a searing pain radiating from my lower back down my right leg. I was unable to stand and walk straight for about an hour. The next day the same thing happened, and it went on for 10 months, notwithstanding visits to my internist who referred me to physical therapy, then acupuncture, yoga and and other movement classes. At Christmas, my children decided to give me a year’s weekly Pilates sessions with Pam. I started in January and within a few sessions, I was gleefully awakening each morning without even a twinge. As I have worked with Pam I have learned that although Joe Pilates’ work is her core competency, she regularly attends courses and becomes certified in other disciplines to help her clients, and in turn her clients become educated in ways to move safely and become stronger. So now, although I am 76 years old, I not only can I awaken pain-free, I can play basketball with my grandsons and lift and carry around my 53-pound grandson. He especially likes our “hold me and dance around” routine. I don’t feel old at all!
— Alyce, Tiburon
Pam enriches Pilates with her in-depth knowledge of anatomy, movement and complimentary exercise modalities. She addresses each student’s specific needs and requests. Integration of these improvements into your daily activities and sports of choice happens naturally and with exceptional results.
— Kathie, Tiburon
To move with elegance and ease, to know you are doing something just for you that will enhance and improve your life these are the gifts of joining Pam in the practice of Pilates. She shares her considerable gifts, knowledge and life experiences with humor, joy and discipline and your body is the beneficiary. It will improve your life in immeasurable and tangible ways. I have been a student of Pam for almost twelve years and our time together each week is something I cherish and look forward to.
— Pat, Larkspur